Plas (aka Dimos) is a practicing Chaos Practitioner who specializes in Divine Interaction and Divination. With Tarot, Pendulums, Charms, Automatic Writing, and Shufflemancy, figuring out a message comes easily.


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Meet Plas Aphrodimos

Plas (they/them) is a Chaos Practioner who hasn’t made measurements for spells in years. They ride on the high of life and the joy that Chaos brings. They understand the premise of going with the flow, that what works simply will and what doesn’t, won’t. Their skill for divination grows with every method they find, along with the understanding of how their reading methods work. Plas is also an Oracle of Zeus, leading to them being very comfortable with Divine interactions, and leads to some very funny stories for a good crowd.



Chaos Magic

Divine Communication


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