Store Policies

By ordering from us, you are agreeing to and indicating your understanding of the terms listed below.

Standard Disclaimers

The cards cannot account for everything that could possibly happen; they are merely a snapshot of how things are now and how they might be. Our readings cannot account for free will. The client is responsible for their own life choices and decisions.

We are not qualified to give legal advice, financial advice, or medical advice. If your reading is related to medical issues, pregnancies, future children, the gender of an unborn child, or any serious medical conditions, we reserve the right to ask you to choose a new topic or refund the reading entirely.

In a scenario in which your reading is about a topic that makes the reader uncomfortable, we will first attempt to see if any other reader on the team is capable and comfortable doing your reading. We reserve the right to ask you to choose a new topic or we will refund the reading entirely.

Readers at Home4WaywardWitches will not give clients the names of any ancestors that come through readings, specifically because the names given may not match the actual ancestral spirit, as some spirits give names from different lives, or the interpretation of the name by the reader can be wrong. We at Home4WaywardWitches pride ourselves on the time and effort we take to give you the most accurate reading possible, but we are still human and mistakes happen. We do not want a mistake such as an incorrect ancestor name to damage the credibility or the perceived accuracy of the rest of the reading, the reader, or the team.

Refund Policy of Home4WaywardWitches

Due to the difference in time zones for both our readers and our clients, there is a 24 hour window for a full refund for all readings that have not been completed. However, after that period, there will only be an opportunity for a partial refund. If the reading has been done and sent out to the client, there will be no refunds, as our readers put the time and energy into the reading and the product has been received. If you have trouble finding your reading, we will happily help make sure you received it.