The Labyrinth Tarot Reading


The Labyrinth reading can help you navigate the treacherous waters of picking a path when there are multiple options available. By employing this reading, you’ll gain a clear understanding of what each path brings to your life, so that you can choose wisely.

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When you are walking along the path of life, you are inevitably going to hit some crossroads. Sometimes it’s as low stakes as “what do I want to do with my summer vacation.” Other times it is as complicated as trying to determine what direction you want to take your career. When in the moment, choosing a path becomes a daunting prospect. You can’t see down the road and you don’t even know where to begin.

Sometimes you need someone to assist you in deciding on a first step. Making that first step gets you out of decision paralysis and moving again. The Labyrinth spread is designed to help you navigate that difficult first step. It breaks down your options into four different approaches. If you are familiar with the elements, direction based magic, or even just the minor arcana of tarot, these approaches will likely sound familiar. This spread will paint pictures of the emotional approach, the practical approach, the logical approach, and the passionate approach. The goal is to get you what you need to know before you choose what path or approach to take.

This reading uses four cards per approach to help detail what each approach holds for you. The amount of detail might vary per path. This is largely because of the degree to which free will plays into any choice related spread. The reading is designed to tell you what you should hear, not what actually will pan out.


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