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Everyone needs a hand with communication once in a while. Let us help you hear what your Spirit Guides are trying to say.

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Please provide some information about your guides so we know who we are reaching out to.


Spirit guides are a concept from multiple cultures but can generally be summarized as entities who are acting as guides or protectors to you in this lifetime. Regardless of the form they take, these entities are here to assist you, which makes understanding what they are telling you rather important. Everyone needs a hand with communication once in a while. We here at Home 4 Wayward Witches are more than willing to help. Your reader will pull three to nine cards on your behalf and report back the cards, the message within, and any other details they noticed while doing the reading.

Please be aware that this reading won’t help you with your guides’ names or forms unless something unusual happens. For more information on your guides, please see our spirit guide ID readings. This reading is also not to be used for deity identification. If you are looking for such services, please see our deity ID readings.

3 reviews for Spirit Guide Messages

  1. Wyatt

    helpful as always ! the team here provides excellent details every time.

  2. AngrySpongeCraft

    Love love LOVE all the readings I get from this shop!!!

  3. KT

    I kind of figured this was going to be the outcome of my reading based off my own, but it was super great to get the confirmation!

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