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Shufflemancy is the perfect mix of modern technology and divination, and is now used by a variety of witches in their own daily practice. Plas has figured out how to use it for several types of readings including: General, Shadow Work, Love Life readings, Deity and Spirit Guide IDs, and Deity and Spirit Guide Messages. This reading includes an energy reading so Plas can attune to your current state.

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Shufflemancy is the perfect mix of modern technology and divination. It is divination through music: putting a curated playlist on shuffle and seeing the answers you receive. This form of divination relies solely on the lyrics in the song and the emotion you feel in the music to give a message. One song could mean one thing one day and the opposite the next.

As simple as it sounds, Shufflemancy does require the reader to have some kind of music application, a playlist diverse enough that you aren’t hearing the same lyrics every few seconds (so maybe not your playlist of CORPSE songs), and a way to reference the exact lyrics of the songs.

Our resident Shufflemancy reader Plas works regularly with the element Air. Music requires sound and emotion being conveyed through air, so it is the perfect medium for Plas to get a message from their friend. They also are practiced at Chaos magic; energy and effort play a huge part in their craft. Their Shufflemancy playlist is the result of years of effort, resulting in a well curated tool for their divination. Plus, when the playlist ends up being 111 songs and 5:55 hours long? Tell us that isn’t meant to be.


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