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Shadow work can be a very challenging form of self improvement. Enter the Shadow Work Reading to get you started.

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Shadow work is the practice of working with and confronting your “shadow self.” This is the part of you that you hide away, your toxic habits, your masking, etc. The goal of this sort of work is to help better yourself by confronting those shadowy parts to change yourself for the better. Getting started with shadow work, however, can be a real challenge.

Enter the Shadow Work Reading. This is a call-out, plain and simple. It won’t sugar coat things or spare your feelings. However, it will give you a place to start your self-improvement journey.

Warning: Shadow Work is not for everyone. It does not replace professional help if you already suffer from self-esteem issues or self-loathing. If we suspect the reading will not aid you and you are using it as a form of self-punishment, we will be refunding your order.

2 reviews for Shadow Work Reading

  1. Wyatt

    So helpful. Resonated with me greatly. no BS and to the point.

  2. KT

    Honestly, this gave me so much insight into why I kept getting the same message when I would do my own readings. Super helpful and I’m definitely working on it!

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