General Lenormand Reading


A Lenormand reading performed by Lynn to provide clarity on the querent’s past, present, future, or a specific issue.

Please let your reader know the topic for your reading, as well as anything you think is relevant for them to know.


Every divination method has its own voice, and Lenormand’s is particularly unique. Talking like your gossipy relative or neighbor, a Lenormand reading loves to speak in specific symbols and colorful descriptors. This form of divination is good for a wide range of readings, but shines brightest when dealing with:

  • judging character,
  • unseen forces,
  • social or romantic situations,
  • upcoming events,
  • or picking paths forwards.

This reading uses five or six cards on average, depending on the nature of the question being asked. Providing a specific question or situation always helps to focus the reading. It is important to note that this is not a reading for deities, guides, or past lives. If one influences the cards, it is purely coincidental.

Want to know more about Lenormand readings? We’ve got a blog post on it here!


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