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Pretty sure a deity told you something but you want to be 100% sure? We know the importance of accuracy in this field. Let H4WW help you confirm what you are hearing.

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For those of us who work regularly with the unseen and otherworldly, one of the biggest challenges can be knowing if you got it “right.” Divination and clair-senses can be tricky or imperfect. Getting things wrong in this sphere can be at best embarrassing, and at worst, dangerous. Finding someone who can provide reliable and accurate confirmation is critical.

Those of us here at Home 4 Wayward Witches know this struggle. To help, we are able to provide you custom confirmation services. To ensure accuracy, we use at least three different kinds of divination to verify and gather details on what you’re seeking to confirm. Some things we’ve been able to confirm before include specific job titles such as oracleship, patron/matron relationships, and godspousing offers.

To be clear this is not a confirmation for deities or spirit guides reaching out to you. There are specific listings for those types of confirmations. If you are unsure if this reading is for you, please feel free to reach out to us first at [email protected]

This reading does not guarantee you will receive the answer you are looking for. We do not provide refunds for unwanted answers. Confirmed or not, the reader has done their job with the reading and expended their energy. This reading also will not give you the titles or statuses you are seeking to confirm. It is merely to verify that you are not being tricked, mislead, or misinformed.

2 reviews for Custom Confirmation Services

  1. Rallis

    Really really helped solve a situation involving sacred marriage! Highly recommend!

  2. Wyatt

    Wonderful! Used for some external verifications about deity work. Everything lined up with my private conversations with said deity. Thanks, Lynn!!

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