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Charm readings can be good for general overviews of life at the moment or for specific questions you have in mind, especially when you need context on a situation.

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Please let your reader know the topic for your reading, as well as anything you think is relevant for them to know.


When it comes to divination, tools you make yourself become very personal and important. Charm castings, in particular, lean into this advantage. A charm set begins with a reader selecting specific meanings they wish to include in their charm set. They then select small items they believe best represent those meanings to them. Each piece in the set has been hand picked, and therefore holds specific intention and meaning to the reader. By casting the collection onto a flat surface, the reader is able to divine meaning from how the charms land in relation to each other.

When asking for a charm reading, the reader has a home field advantage. The readings tend to have a more holistic view of the situation, as the positioning of different charms can show more perspective than a focused tarot reading. As such, charm casting can be good for general overviews of your life or for specific questions you have in mind. This is not a reading for deities or spirit guide messages.

1 review for Charm Casting Reading

  1. m.j.rudolph2

    Very to the point and honest. Highly recommend. I loved the reading so much and will be buying this reading again!

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