Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need my zodiac/birthday/full name/photo?

For the most part, no. However, there are some readings that do require this information. Such as the yearly numerology report (birthday), the energy compatibility reading (names of all involved parties), and the elemental affinity reading (just your Sun sign). No other readings at this time require this very personal information.

Do I need a deity to be a witch?

Absolutely not. You are a valid witch with or without deity work. It isn’t a path for everyone and it is often seen as the only path due to Tiktok or social media glorifying it. It is certainly a big part of personal journeys, but not EVERY personal journey. 

I don’t know my deities/guides, can I still get a message?

Yes, absolutely. You do not need to have an active relationship with the Divine or your spirit team to be able to get a message from them. Often, the messages we get when we don’t have that relationship are the ones we need the most. 

Do you offer more than just one pantheon for confirmation?

Yes. Our readings are fully capable of picking up on any pantheon and our readers take time to research everything we can to make sure we are giving you the most accurate confirmation, signs, and aspects of the deities that come through. However, deities and spirits of closed practices will not always be able to be picked up on by certain readers. If this is the case, we will continue with the reading with a different reader that is able to complete it, or simply ask the entities to step aside to see if any open entities are willing to be found in the reading.

Do you confirm godspousals/proposals?

Yes, we can. However, we do not guarantee the answer that you want. Our process is a vigorous confirmation, not just a yes or no. We will strive to give you as many details as we can through the Custom Confirmations reading.

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