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  • The Ever Witchy Black Cat

    The Ever Witchy Black Cat

    It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! Let’s take a look at some myths, facts, and figures about these furry felines to start the day off right. The Cats The gene for tabby coats might be the most dominant pattern in feline DNA, but the black color gene is the most dominant when it comes to the […]

  • An Introduction to Moon Magic

    An Introduction to Moon Magic

    There are many resources out there detailing how to integrate Moon phases and Moon related magic into your craft. As a witch, you have the option whether or not you want to involve the Moon in your workings. Some people align with its energies naturally, finding that working alongside the Moon brings greater results to […]

  • Making Skin Care Products with Your Own Herbs

    Making Skin Care Products with Your Own Herbs

    For centuries, humans have been using herbs and spices for a variety of purposes. Whether it be for their taste, their smell, or some other property, these plants make our lives much better. One handy way to reap the benefits of herbs and spices is to put them into skin care products such as oils […]

  • Boundaries Basics For Entity Work

    Boundaries Basics For Entity Work

    When working with the divine and the spirits of the world, it becomes necessary for your well being and the well being of your relationships to have firm boundaries established. These prevent misunderstandings and abuses of power, accidental or intentional. It’s important for you to set, communicate, and maintain these boundaries within your practice (and […]

  • Cleaning Found Bones

    Cleaning Found Bones

    Recently, Rowen wrote a wonderful post on ways to ethically obtain bones for your craft. This post is a follow-up to that one, talking about how to clean the bones you have obtained. Please be aware that this post contains talk of bones and animal bodies in a factual manner. If this sort of talk […]

  • Time Blocking for Witches

    Time Blocking for Witches

    It’s fairly common for me to be reading an article or doing research and find connections between what I am reading and concepts found in witchcraft. Sometimes it is something small, like a specific tea found to good for you by science when it already has beneficial metaphysical correspondences. Sometimes, though, it’s something more elaborate, […]

  • Witchcraft while Neurodivergent

    This month has been Mental Health Awareness Month, a topic that we care about greatly. Most if not all of our staff can relate to mental health struggles on a personal level. The world is full of ideas of what the perfect witchcraft practice looks like. For those who are neurodivergent or dealing with mental […]

  • The Realm between Science and Magic

    It is a common trope to talk about science and magic being at odds with one another. Surely one versed in the way things work cannot support the existence of “mystical forces we cannot explain.” This rift is seen by many as an impasse. Science disproves magic. Magic ignores science. How can the two possibly […]

  • On the Ethical Sourcing of Bones

    Written by Rowen. Ethically sourcing your witchcraft supplies should be a conscious effort and part of your practice. Too often we see a store with a pretty rock or pre-bundled herbs and buy without thinking about where they come from. Items you get in stores don’t always come from ethical sources. This can go doubly […]

  • Spirit Guides: A Quick Introduction

    Written by Sunni. Spirit guides are a team of spirits that watch and protect you all your life. These spirits can find you from any number of places, from a past life interaction to the spirit of an animal you nursed back to health. They can be anything: deities, human spirits, animals, mythical creatures, constellations, […]