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  • Different Voices in Divination

    Different Voices in Divination

    Whether you are doing divination yourself or looking to get a reading through a store, you are going to reach the question of which form of divination to learn. Each form of divination has its own “voice” or way it speaks. By paying attention to this voice, you can help narrow down what sort of […]

  • What is Lenormand?

    What is Lenormand?

    Cartomancy has a long history, throughout the variations of tarot, decades of playing card divination, and a variety of other styles. One such sort of cartomancy arose in the late 18th century, created by Marie Anne Lenormand. Her cards, styled in such a way to be an amusing parlor room entertainment, became well known after […]

  • The Rahdue’s Wheel Explained

    The Rahdue’s Wheel Explained

    Written by Lynn I’ve developed a bit of a reputation amongst the readers here at Home 4 Wayward Witches. See, I tend to be the one to bring in massively large or obscure readings that cause a lot of confusion for newer customers. Confusion isn’t fun, I know, so I am here today to explain […]