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  • Astronomy vs Astrology

    Astronomy vs Astrology

    Though both have common origins, the modern concepts of astrology and astronomy have very key differences between them. Due to this, certain concepts referenced by one are not necessarily applicable to the other. Let’s delve into the differences between these two similar concepts. Astronomy To put it simply, astronomy is the study of the universe, […]

  • Time Blocking for Witches

    Time Blocking for Witches

    It’s fairly common for me to be reading an article or doing research and find connections between what I am reading and concepts found in witchcraft. Sometimes it is something small, like a specific tea found to good for you by science when it already has beneficial metaphysical correspondences. Sometimes, though, it’s something more elaborate, […]

  • What is a Retrograde?

    One of the most common questions heard from new astrologers is “what is a retrograde?” Understandable, and a good question! Today, Lynn is here with an excerpt from The 2022 Almanac of Astrological Data to teach you about the subject. We hope this excerpt gives you an idea of the sort of information you can […]