• A Fork in the Road

    Journeys never take straight paths, and sometimes you realize you and those you are walking with are going to different destinations. The Home 4 Wayward Witches team has been overjoyed to provide you with readings, information, and insight over the past year. However, we have come to a fork in the road, and some members […]


  • Astronomy vs Astrology

    Astronomy vs Astrology

    Though both have common origins, the modern concepts of astrology and astronomy have very key differences between them. Due to this, certain concepts referenced by one are not necessarily applicable to the other. Let’s delve into the differences between these two similar concepts. Astronomy To put it simply, astronomy is the study of the universe, […]


  • The Ever Witchy Black Cat

    The Ever Witchy Black Cat

    It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! Let’s take a look at some myths, facts, and figures about these furry felines to start the day off right. The Cats The gene for tabby coats might be the most dominant pattern in feline DNA, but the black color gene is the most dominant when it comes to the […]


  • Tarot Concepts Explained

    Tarot Concepts Explained

    Over on social media, we’ve been covering some of the basic concepts that make up the art of tarot. This is a long process, as tarot can be very complicated if one chooses to make it so. As such, we’ve been slowly breaking it down one step at a time. Here, we’ve gathered all of […]


  • Why Medium?

    Why Medium?

    When running a small business with a busy team, you have to consider the pros and cons of adding any task or step to your workflow. Picking the right places to devote energy is very important. As such, we try very hard to ensure we have the energy for a new project or platform before […]


  • An Introduction to Moon Magic

    An Introduction to Moon Magic

    There are many resources out there detailing how to integrate Moon phases and Moon related magic into your craft. As a witch, you have the option whether or not you want to involve the Moon in your workings. Some people align with its energies naturally, finding that working alongside the Moon brings greater results to […]


  • Starting Deity Work

    Starting Deity Work

    The concept of deity work is one that has pervaded religious and magical circles for millennia. However, traditions in deity work vary widely and there are rarely any real restrictions on what deity work really means or has to contain. Today we’re going to talk about a few of the initial steps you might take […]


  • What is Numerology?

    What is Numerology?

    When doing research on divination, you may have come across the concept of numerology. This form of divination has a long and complex history, but the general concept is simple. Numerology is the art of interpreting numbers to divine meanings, particularly when associated with a name, a day, or a place. Today we are going […]


  • Interviewing a Tarot Deck

    Interviewing a Tarot Deck

    When you purchase a new tarot deck, what is the first thing you do with it? For many people, they’ll unwrap it, look through the cards, then launch straight into doing readings with it. For others, the process is more involved, involving cleansing, time spent just being around the deck, and more. You may have […]


  • Making Skin Care Products with Your Own Herbs

    Making Skin Care Products with Your Own Herbs

    For centuries, humans have been using herbs and spices for a variety of purposes. Whether it be for their taste, their smell, or some other property, these plants make our lives much better. One handy way to reap the benefits of herbs and spices is to put them into skin care products such as oils […]




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