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  • Making Skin Care Products with Your Own Herbs

    Making Skin Care Products with Your Own Herbs

    For centuries, humans have been using herbs and spices for a variety of purposes. Whether it be for their taste, their smell, or some other property, these plants make our lives much better. One handy way to reap the benefits of herbs and spices is to put them into skin care products such as oils […]

  • Ogham: From Alphabet to Divination

    Today is Arbor Day, a day on which many plant trees to celebrate the beauty and gifts these plants give us. In order to celebrate, we asked Teddy to share with you their knowledge of Ogham, “the tree alphabet,” and how it has gone from ancient alphabet to a modern divination system. Ogham in the […]

  • Celebrating Earth Day as a Witch

    Written by Teddy How do you give back to the Earth?  How do you bring the Earth into your home? What can we do to better the world around us and connect deeper with the energies around us? These are questions that we can ask ourselves as Earth Day comes upon us.  While particularly pertinent […]