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  • Tarot Concepts Explained

    Tarot Concepts Explained

    Over on social media, we’ve been covering some of the basic concepts that make up the art of tarot. This is a long process, as tarot can be very complicated if one chooses to make it so. As such, we’ve been slowly breaking it down one step at a time. Here, we’ve gathered all of […]

  • Why Medium?

    Why Medium?

    When running a small business with a busy team, you have to consider the pros and cons of adding any task or step to your workflow. Picking the right places to devote energy is very important. As such, we try very hard to ensure we have the energy for a new project or platform before […]

  • Different Voices in Divination

    Different Voices in Divination

    Whether you are doing divination yourself or looking to get a reading through a store, you are going to reach the question of which form of divination to learn. Each form of divination has its own “voice” or way it speaks. By paying attention to this voice, you can help narrow down what sort of […]

  • Witchcraft while Neurodivergent

    This month has been Mental Health Awareness Month, a topic that we care about greatly. Most if not all of our staff can relate to mental health struggles on a personal level. The world is full of ideas of what the perfect witchcraft practice looks like. For those who are neurodivergent or dealing with mental […]

  • Small Business Week 2022

    In celebration of Small Business Week, Home 4 Wayward Witches decided to talk about our experiences as a small business. We hope that by sharing these lessons it might help anyone else looking to start their own entrepreneurial endeavor! There’s always something interesting going on with our Twitter account, so please consider giving us a […]

  • The End of the Etsy Era

    The End of the Etsy Era

    It’s been a hurried journey to reach this point and we wanted to talk about it with you, especially as today marks another important milestone in this journey.