The End of the Etsy Era

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Hello, wonderful beings! As the H4WW team looks back on April, we’re absolutely floored at how much got done in the span of the month. We are finally feeling somewhat settled in on this new website. Orders are coming in and blog posts are going out, all while sorting out various technical hiccups and growing pains. It’s been a hurried journey to reach this point and we wanted to talk about it with you, especially as today marks another important milestone in this journey.

The Original Plan

We started talking about moving to a stand alone website at the start of 2022. Our plans for the year involved testing the waters for physical products, listings with faster turn around times, and more service-based products. Immediately, we realized we were going to run into technical limitations trying to add these products to Etsy. The H4WW team began to plan out a move to a platform that would better facilitate our growth. This was thought to be the overarching project for 2022, a process that would take multiple months, lots of testing, and plenty of time to think through things.

What Happened Instead

However, life had other plans. In February, Etsy announced they were going to be raising their fees on all sales. Suddenly, the cost of operating on Etsy was getting ridiculous. We decided it was in our best interests to increase our timeline. By mid-March, we decided a WordPress based site best suited our needs and began work on moving all of our shop content to the new site. Our timeline was sped up again as creators across Etsy announced they were going on strike to protest recent Etsy changes, the fee hike included. We knew we wanted to take part, but that we also needed to maintain income if we could. Suddenly what was supposed to take months got crammed into the span of weeks. On April 10th, one day before the strike began, we hit launch on this site.

From there, we suddenly had ourselves two storefronts to maintain. Our plan was to come back from the Etsy strike and continue operations on that storefront as normal until our listings began expiring. At that time, we’d pick and choose which listings to renew and which to make website exclusive. New rates aside, we acknowledged that Etsy’s search-ability was still a boon to being discovered by people searching for tarot readings.

However, one payout from Etsy later, we suddenly realized just how badly those rate hikes were impacting our bottom line. What was already a delicate game of “how much can we honestly set aside from our profits to reinvest in the business” suddenly became “you can’t.” Maintaining listings and paying bills was just not feasible on Etsy anymore. So, the team came to a bittersweet decision: we’ve shut down our Etsy storefront.

Where We Go From Here

We realize that, with this new site, we are going to have to work double-time to advertise and invest into our company’s growth the hard way. We’re acknowledging that by only selling on a stand-alone site, we are bringing H4WW into the “big leagues” of eCommerce. It’s not going to be easy. However, working on this site, we not only are able to give our readers more, but we can set aside a cut of the profits to reinvest into the company and better H4WW as a business. We still plan to expand in all the ways we dreamed up at the start of the year. The rushed timeline just means we’re going to have to do this all live rather than with a test system.

Thank you again to everyone who has shopped with us on Etsy over the years. We hope you will continue to stick with us now that we are on our own platform.

Sincerely, your Home 4 Wayward Witches team

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  1. It’s really unfortunate (putting it mildly) that Etsy is going forward with the new changes and rates despite feedback and the strike, and I fully understand and support the H4WW team’s decision to move from Etsy to this site. The group is amazing and the website is easy to navigate and visually very pleasing, everyone has done a fantastic job creating this space. Definitely going to recommend the team to my friends and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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