Spirit Guides: A Quick Introduction

Written by Sunni.

Spirit guides are a team of spirits that watch and protect you all your life. These spirits can find you from any number of places, from a past life interaction to the spirit of an animal you nursed back to health. They can be anything: deities, human spirits, animals, mythical creatures, constellations, an elemental, or even pop culture entities like a D&D creature. Who, what, or how many spirits are on your team does not make a difference or “rank” you in any way. It’s about who is going to protect you and help you be your best self, regardless of form they take.

The reason your spirit guides will often take the form of animals is because we, as humans, already have a lot of associations and understanding of animals. If you have an animal spirit guide, it is good to look at the animal’s natural behavior and temperament to see what you can learn from it.

Please be aware that having an animal spirit guide is a completely different concept than that of a totem animal in Native cultures. An animal spirit guide is not a totem animal. 

Your spirit guides are generally not harmful to you in any way as that would be counterintuitive to their nature. Sometimes they’ll confuse you or try to push you to do something too fast, but that’s about it. Generally the members of your spirit guide team are coordinated. Sometimes something that wants to be on your spirit guide team will be eager to talk before it’s actually a part of your team. If you’re having trouble talking to your spirit guide team, you may need to ask anyone “waiting on their paperwork” (as we call it) to step back till they are “officially” a part of your team.

So why are your spirit guides important?

Well, they watch over your life. They are usually here to help teach you things that you struggle with and help you become your best self. A deity you work with will often ask for things in the form of offerings or service. A spirit guide team is usually not concerned about what they get in return.

Most teams have a head representative, or ‘leader.’ Sometimes this representative helps direct who is helping with what areas of your life. The representative of your spirit guide team will also often be the one you talk to when trying to communicate with your team.

How do you communicate with your team?

Having open, routine communication with your spirit guide team is a great way to bolster your spiritual work. Even if you don’t want to work with any deities or other spirits, you can still reach out to your spirit guide team. just stay in communication with your team. They hang around you the most and are there to assist you.

You can communicate with your team through most divination methods. Some also enjoy practicing meditation to communicate with their guides. This sort of practice can also, over time, help you bolster your clair-senses.

Interested in learning who your guides are? Take a look at our Spirit Guide ID listing. We also have a Spirit Guide Messages reading if you need help interpreting what your spirit team is saying.


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