Celebrating Earth Day as a Witch

Written by Teddy

How do you give back to the Earth?  How do you bring the Earth into your home? What can we do to better the world around us and connect deeper with the energies around us? These are questions that we can ask ourselves as Earth Day comes upon us.  While particularly pertinent on this day and in the spring, remember these tips can be handy year round when trying to connect with and give back to the Earth.

Giving Back and Preserving

So, what can we do to connect with the world around us that might also give back to the Earth?  We can recycle. Re-use jars to hold your herbs, spells, and other items that are part of your practice. You can collect sticks, leaves, and flowers then press the flowers and leaves for later use.  You can paint an old dish that you no longer use, use old t-shirts to make altar cloths or tarot bags, or create offerings or pendulums with old jewelry.  Recycling, turning the old into new, is a great way to help the Earth.  Picking up trash is another way to give back to the Earth and connect with the energies of the world around us.  Picking up trash is a good offering, an act of service, that can be dedicated to the Earth.

Bringing Earth Inside

How can you bring the Earth into your home, even if you’re in the broom closet?  You can plant marigolds and rosemary by your doors.  Not only do they help keep mosquitoes away, but they can be used in spell craft.  Growing your own herbs, flowers, and foods can connect you with the Earth and bring Earth into your home without it being out of the ordinary. The bonus is that plants and green spaces help with mental health as well.  

Connect Outside

What are some other ways that you can connect with the energies of the Earth around you?  You can go out in nature. Take pictures if you want, but sit outside and enjoy the nature around you.  Feel the wind on your face, plant your feet into the dirt, run your hands through the grass or flowers around you.  Breathe in the energies and maybe even offer up some of yours to connect and ground, as well.

This Earth Day, please go out and celebrate the world around you and the very nature that helps to sustain us. Take pictures of nature to keep with you. Reuse and recycle things that can be reused.  Connect with the Earth and give back.  Bring the Earth into your home and allow it to help center you. There are many things you can do to give back to the Earth or connect more deeply to it. Hopefully these few tips helped inspire you.

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