The Rahdue’s Wheel Explained

Written by Lynn

I’ve developed a bit of a reputation amongst the readers here at Home 4 Wayward Witches. See, I tend to be the one to bring in massively large or obscure readings that cause a lot of confusion for newer customers. Confusion isn’t fun, I know, so I am here today to explain my biggest monstrosity yet: The Rahdue’s Wheel.

Just how complicated is it?

This is a spread that uses every card in a standard 78 card tarot deck. As far as the internet historians can tell, it comes from the mind of Eileen Connolly, who published it in the book Tarot: A Handbook for the Journeyman. This reading has many components to it, all of which interplay with each other in a chaotic dance of divination.

The center of the Rahdue’s Wheel involves a series of three concentric rings, giving a past/present/future look at 12 different areas of the subject’s life. Then the spread uses three sets of nine cards to talk about karmic issues that are coming into play. (Traditionally these are past life karmic issues. If past lives are not part of your personal beliefs, we can talk and work out how this spread might work for you.) Finally, the last 9 cards are used to answer questions that the subject provides. If one question is provided, I will use all nine cards to answer one question. Otherwise, I will use one card per question for up to nine questions.

The Rahdue’s Wheel is a massive spread, which makes getting a good photo of it tricky! Fortunately, computers can help us recreate a physical reading in higher definition images than we could otherwise.

The Fine Print

Now, this reading comes with two big catches: the turnaround time and the price tag. Ordering this reading comes with a whopping three-week turnaround time. As each order comes in, I will be reaching out to the person ordering to talk to them, get some basic info I need for the spread, etc. I pull the reading using a traditional Rider Waite deck, then digitally render the spread for ease of viewing. Analyzing a spread this big takes roughly nine hours minimum. That does not including the time spent pulling the cards or creating the report. Once typed up, the report is roughly 25 pages. It includes breakdowns of each section of the spread and close ups of each set of cards.

Now, all this together puts the price tag for this reading at $200. I’m well aware that puts this reading out of most people’s budgets. However, I stand by the quality of my work and the depth of information within my reports. Plus, this isn’t just about the reading. We as a store are using half the profits of these first ten Rahdue’s Wheel readings to finance this new Home 4 Wayward Witches website. We have other sources of donations to help raise the money, of course. However, for those of you who are interested in this phenomenal spread, this is a great way to help a good cause.

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