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Interviewing a Tarot Deck

When you purchase a new tarot deck, what is the first thing you do with it? For many people, they’ll unwrap it, look through the cards, then launch straight into doing readings with it. For others, the process is more involved, involving cleansing, time spent just being around the deck, and more. You may have […]

Making Skin Care Products with Your Own Herbs

For centuries, humans have been using herbs and spices for a variety of purposes. Whether it be for their taste, their smell, or some other property, these plants make our lives much better. One handy way to reap the benefits of herbs and spices is to put them into skin care products such as oils […]

Boundaries Basics For Entity Work

When working with the divine and the spirits of the world, it becomes necessary for your well being and the well being of your relationships to have firm boundaries established. These prevent misunderstandings and abuses of power, accidental or intentional. It’s important for you to set, communicate, and maintain these boundaries within your practice (and […]

Different Voices in Divination

Whether you are doing divination yourself or looking to get a reading through a store, you are going to reach the question of which form of divination to learn. Each form of divination has its own “voice” or way it speaks. By paying attention to this voice, you can help narrow down what sort of […]


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I absolutely LOVE Home 4 Wayward Witches. I have gotten several readings from multiple members of the shop and every single one has been accurate, helpful, and what I needed to hear! They have been great!! They are also all super friendly and great at clarifying any questions you may have about your reading or about the shop in general. Genuinely love this store and I recommend them to anyone who wants or needs a reading!!


Home 4 Wayward Witches is an amazing group of readers and witches who strive to give exactly what is needed. They offer a lot of options for readings and are very quick to respond to inquiries. I highly recommend them all. Every reading I have gotten from these amazing humans have been accurate, helpful, and exactly what I needed. The prices are adorable and within reach. I definitely know I get my money’s worth for their incredible work. Highly highly recommend.


I have gotten many readings from the Home4WaywardWitches readers. Each one has helped me to live my best life. I highly recommend these readers! They’re very skilled and very professional.

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