Closing Time

For the past year, Home 4 Wayward Witches has been overjoyed to bring you a variety of products, from readings to books, along with a variety of informational content in the form of blog posts. Unfortunately, as we reach the one year mark, we have had to make an unfortunate call: we need to take a step back and close down this storefront.

When we started this store, it was full of hope for 2022 to be one of uninterrupted productivity, giving us time and space to work on our store with no major interruptions. However, life had other plans. Some of us got new day jobs. Some of us had to move abruptly. There was not a single team member who did not have some sort of life changing event happen this year. And, as such, we could not give the store the attention and time needed to make a stand alone store work.

With some members of the team already having to step back and the rest chaotically busy with life things, there’s not a safe “gamble” that we can turn things around in order to make the costs of this site a valid investment. And that happens in this business. Good ideas, wrong time.

We are wrapping up the remaining orders in the queue; don’t worry, we are going to close out all existing orders! However, at the moment, we have closed down the storefront so you cannot make any new orders.

The site overall will stay up through the end of 2022 for two reasons:

1) To let you revisit any blog posts you want to keep. Part of this site’s goal was helping make information accessible, and we want to do that until the end.

2) We will continue to update our team members’ pages with where you can find them moving forwards. Some of us already have external sites, stores, or social media where you can keep up with our activities moving forwards. Please go check in on those and follow where you can!

Thank you all so much for your support over the past year and for any and all support going forwards. Truly, running this store was a joy and we hope to see you on other platforms in the future.

Cheers, your Home 4 Wayward Witches team.

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